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Cuban Tropical Fiesta®

Tropical Cuban Dance Show. On the repertory everything can be found which can be characterized by one word: CUBA! Commotion of salseros and Cuban dancing girls with meter long feathers, the Show is simply magnificent!

Caribean Tropical Show®

Exotic! Tropical! Perfect!
We offer our program for program, Christmas party, wedding, ball,
surprise party,
firm meetings,
conferences small
and big stages as well.


Caribean Tropical Show® - On the repertory everything can be found which can be characterized by one word: CUBA! Commotion of salseros and Cuban dancing girls with meter long feathers, the show is simply magnificent!

Let's the Caribbean program of the Cuban Salsa Dance Academy be the chief attraction of your event too! An unforgettable Cuban evening just for your guests!

Dance show, dance performance,entertaining dancing lesson. After the Tropical Show the dancers involve the public by entertaining interactive dancing lesson.

Everybody is dreaming of Cuba
- as Miguel Barnet the famous novelist wrote it more than 20 years ago. And it has not lost her appeal up tu now.

The fervent rumba, the pulsating salsa, the bright colours, the white sanded coast, the astounding tropic world, the sugar cane plantations, the rum and the cigar.The unic mixture of melancholy and happiness and music and dance which is climbing under our skin.

And the thrilling Salsa which makes the heart to pulsate more vehemently.
Cuban dancers
Cuban show programs
Original clothes
Feathery ance trimmings
Hot rhythms
Beautiful professional dancers
Erotic salsa dance
Original Cuban feelin, fire and rhythm

We offer our program for program
- Christmas party
- wedding, ball
- surprise party
- firm meetings
- conferences
- small and big stages as well

You too should enjoy
the entertaining
program of Cuba
and her coloured dancers!

The Caribbean program of Cuban Salsa Dance Academy
has been invited to every important stage already.

As to our opinion,
music and dance are integral part of the human culture, so there are not great differences.

Perhaps it is the nature of people which brings cultures in proximity.

For instance curiosity, the desire of getting
acquainted, or for instance as to Cuba not least the tropical awareness of life, people are thinking
about just in terms of banana and palm-tree...

Tropical Show®
The best of Afrolatin Event in Central Europe - Latino Culture Group

Original Caribean and Cuban Style!
Salsa, Rueda de casino, Rumba, Cha cha cha, Mambó, Son, Reggaeton, Salsaton, Cubaton, Bachata, Afro, Orishas, Guaguanco.
Ron, Cigar, and palms. Enjoy!

Nice program for
- privat party
- edding
- ball
- surprise party
- business party
- christmas and silvester party
- clubs
- stage

Thanks for your having chosen us.

Was a principal dancer at the
Copacabana, Cuba. She is now singer, principal
dancer and choreograph at the orchestre for latin music.

According to Angel Ortiz American salsa instructor
"Lili one of the authentic dance profs who creates her own salsa figures and movement combinations"

Introduced Rueda de Casino to Hungary since years then many people have learnt to dance Casino (or Salsa) and Rueda following our instructions, where dancing well and moving gracefully is important, not the figures. We have been teaching Rueda the way they do in Cuba, keeping the same turns and calls and its originality, without deforming this cheerful dance expression. Authentic and graceful are principals what Salsa La Cubana Academy Of Cuban Dances teach their students.
Born in Havanna. Coreographer, dancer, dance teacher. Leading teacher of The Academy of Cuban Dances. Her talent is oustanding. Several students of hers have their own dance schools by now- and she is very proud of them. In 2005 she takes part in Munich and Croatian Salsa progress as a guest prof. Soloist in Latin Combo Septeto Cubano. Her name is Lili, best known Cuban dance teacher, coreographer, performer.
I am fortunate enough that I was born in Havanna, Cuba's capital city. I studied in Miramar, Buena Vista and Marianao. My parents are from Holguin and Santiago de Cuba counties, where the Cuban dances and music spring from. My childhood memories and experiences from that area have been influential to my way of thinking, attitude to dance, music and arts. Thanks to my parents' job I spent my childhood near these stages: - Cabaret Tropicana - Salón Rojo de Capri - Coparon de Riviera - Pico Blanco - where, day by day, I saw the greatest Cuban artists working, which made the effect in me. Also, it improved my skills in dancing as well as creating a special interest in arts.
I started the Havanna Alícia Alonzo National Ballet School in 1985 and studied there for 3 years. My favourite dance clubs were the ones teaching me the authentic dances, Casino and Ruedas Gigantes.
- Salon Rosado de la Tropical
- Carnavales de la Habana
- Cristino Naranjo
- La Fuente de la Juventud
- Carnavales de Santiago
- Carnaval de Bayamo
Cuban people usually go to dance clubs with live music- working here, I came to know with the following bands, also influencing me greatly: - Los Van Van - Adalberto Alvarez - Charanga Habanera - Paulito y su Elite. Besides all these, I went every party that was worth going, only natural for a girl whose life is dancing.

Cuban, Caribean & Latin Live Music

The show music
- with living music/orchestra
- with mechanincal music/CD